Monday, January 14, 2013

Ten things to Love about Cold Calling

This is a great article written by Deni Jelinčić. It summarises many of the key things that make cold-calling the best form of direct marketing. It is a fact that it works, that it's fast and it's efficient!

It is also the best way of 'filtering' or 'qualifying' prospects - ie. you don't really know how suitable they are, nor how interested they may be until you talk to them, but my favourite of all is that "most people don't do it!" They procrastinate, they look for short cuts, they google stuff, and avoid picking up the phone and asking for the business!

This may apply only to B2B sales, but I view it as a service to clients. ie. if we don't phone and tell them what we have to offer, and how we can help save them money and geat better hiring outcomes, then how would they know! Thanks Deni (and Tina who forwarded it to me!).

We have made a “ten thing list” about what to love about cold calls. So before you find yourself in a stressful situation remember all the benefits this tool brings.

1) It Works – Cold calling works! It requires skill, the right mental attitude, and an iron will. Those three things make me smile!
2) Speed – I can go as fast as I can, and take on the attitude of, “There is somebody out there who is ready to do business with me… I’m gonna find ‘em!”
3) Efficiency – Think of cold calling as a quick filter. You can quickly learn who your best prospects are going to be.
4) Sharpens Skills – You have to be quick on your feet, maintain composure, and always be professional. Nothing sharpens skills like cold calling!
5) Keeps Me Humble – All great sales people can get a little cocky sometimes. No matter how good you are, you are going to have days when you get beat up on the phone. A little humble pie is a good reminder that we can always get better.
6) Hidden Prospects – There are prospects out there that have a need and are ready to buy. Nobody knows about them until the cold caller finds them!
7) Follow-Up Opportunities – Cold calling creates follow-up opportunities. I love it when a prospect says something like, “I have X, Y, and Z going on right now, but call me in two weeks.” When I call them back, they are “often” ready to have a professional conversation. The more I cold call, the more follow-up opportunities I create!
8) Builds My Pipeline – As a salesperson, it isn’t a natural tendency to be organized. Business opportunities can fall through the cracks. Cold calling makes it easy to sit at my desk, and build a pipeline. I use my CRM to keep quality notes on all of my prospects. Everything I need is in front of me.
9) Multiple Decision Makers – Within seconds, I can try to reach multiple decision makers within a company. If one isn’t available, I try the other one!
10) Willing to Do What Others Won’t – I love cold calling. I tell myself that every day. In fact, I make it a point to walk into the office, turn on my computer, and dial my first call before I do anything else. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.


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