Thursday, October 11, 2012

Persistence in Recruitment

Most people in recruitment agree that persistence is a common trait in successful people and particularly leaders. Not many have a method of testing for persistence, and 'demonstrated experience' is pretty shaky in this regards.

We've recently refined our talent pool strategy and are getting better at it. Here's a little example of how you can give someone reasonable feedback on what they need to do to be reconsidered - names changed to protect the innocent! It also illustrates the importance of spelling in business communication and addressing the email correctly! 

Lastly, protecting and developing our company as an aspirational brand............
requires diligence in only hiring the very best.

On 10/09/12 8:42 AM, Susanne Mather wrote: 
Hi Jonathan 
Thank you for your interest in working with us! I'm glad you've applied again and I wish you all the very best with that, although I'm not personally part of the decision making process re new sales recruits, these days. 
Best of luck, and warm regards! 
Susanne Mather 

On 10/09/12 7:47 AM, Jonathan Brown wrote: 
Hi Susan 
I have recently applied for a position with EO. I understood a requirement of 6 months befor reapplying. 
I attended a group interview on 29/3/12. I was grateful for the feedback given at that time and have definately taken it on board. 
I beleive it's up to me to make my future. Hopefully I am successful at this opportunity. 
Look forward to seeing you again... 

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