Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best corporate recruiters will "push back" on bad hiring manager behaviours

The best internal recruiters know how to – politely – confront hiring managers on bad behaviours and unrealistic expectations, says internal recruiting expert John Vlastelica. 

In a recent webinar on Vlastelica, who has worked as a recruiting director at Amazon and Expedia and now runs his own consultancy, said confrontation was "a learned skill" that every corporate recruiter should have. 

"I'm sure you have had managers ask you to do things that do not have a high ROI; that are not good ideas," he said. 

The best way to deal with this is to manage expectations and raise issues before they become a problem. 

"Some of the best recruiters I've worked with are great at confronting bad behaviours… They have the respect of the business, and the business actually appreciates when we can challenge them, when we bring a level of expertise." 

For example, he said, at a pre-hire strategy meeting, the recruiter could bring in a simple spreadsheet with an optimal hiring timeline, and