Saturday, February 26, 2011

Manpoor! A little poor judgement can go a long way

Manpower moves quickly to defuse furore over seek ad

Manpower has apologised for the "poor judgement" of one its consultants, who posted an ad on SEEK New Zealand aimed at luring shell-shocked Christchurch candidates to Australia.

The ad, which was posted shortly after the massive earthquake which has so far killed at least 113 people, said:

"Our hearts go out to all those affected by the recent events in Christchurch... If you are looking for an opportunity to get away for a while, Australian Engineering firms could be your silver lining. With paid relocation and resettling assistance, the next 2 years could be an experience that you and your family will not regret."

The ad was taken down within a day, but not before attracting the attention of others in the recruitment industry and generating a torrent of criticism.

In response, in a comment on NZ recruitment blog The Whiteboard, Manpower Australia and New Zealand managing director Lincoln Crawley said the company regretted any distress the ad had caused.

Crawley said the consultant had shown poor judgement and
the matter had been addressed with him internally.

"In times like this, sometimes people make the wrong decision, and our consultant did so in this case."

Crawley, himself a New Zealander, said Manpower's own staff in Christchurch had been affected by the quake, and he was flying to the city tomorrow "with the purpose of supporting our team and getting an on-the-ground understanding of how Manpower can provide practical assistance in the recovery".

He noted that Manpower had been working to source additional skilled workers for Christchurch clients since the original earthquake in September, and it would be ramping up these efforts in light of the latest disaster.

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